Heart beat Measurement and monitoring over Internet Using Arduino

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Today the medical field is facing issues with growing public concerns and government demand for reform. The outrage is directed at the high costs of quality health care and the inability specialists to provide adequate medical services to rural populations. The availability of prompt and expert medical care can meaningfully improve health-care services at understand rural and remote areas. In distant regions of the country the degree of development of healthcare providing services has not reached the appropriate level today quietly address the health care needs of the population is these areas. A mobile monitoring system utilizing short message service with low cost hardware equipment has been developed and implemented to enable transmission of the temperature, blood pressure and Heart Rate of a patient. For example in a case where a patient is to be under continuous monitoring of heart beat, the equipment is bulky and costly. By using this design that observation is possible at low cost and care takers are altered in case those values cross threshold limits.

To perform a measurement, we use a method called oscillometric. The air will be pumped into the cuffto be around 20 mmHg above average systolic pressure (about 120 mmHg for an average). After that the air will e slowly released from the cuff causing the pressure in the cuff to decrease. As the cuff is slowly deflated. We will be measuring the tiny oscillation in the air pressure of the arm cuff. The systolic pressure will be the pressure at which the pulsation starts to occur. We will use the MCU to detect the point at which this oscillation happens and then record the pressure in the cuff. Then the pressure in the cuff will decrease further. The diastolic pressure will be taken at the point in which the oscillation starts to disappear. Thus these values to be monitored using android application or LCD screen display. The data gathered from device can be uploaded directly to the database using ESP-8266.


Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino
  • Power supply or battery
  • Heart rate sensor
  • ESP-8266

Software Requirements

  • Arduino IDE
  • Web Application or Android Application
  • Database (In IOT cases)

Language: Embedded C