Line Following Robotic Vehicle Expandable to Walking and Climbing Robot

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The project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle that follows a specific path and also walks & climbs wall. This project doesn’t require a microcontroller for its operation. A pair of photo sensors comprising IR transmitter and photo diode is used to detect the specified path for its movement while for walking & climbing walls , the motors only are used with few additional homemade fixtures easily made by the student. All the construction details are available in video and text matter for making the same walking and climbing with by procuring common and easy to get non electronics material like card- board, aluminum strips etc and some nut bolts .

Line follower / walking robot is a useful robot that is used in ware houses, industries, and stores etc, where it follows a dedicated path. This proposed system of a line following robot fulfills the desired functionality and demonstrates the working of it.

The line following uses a pair of photo sensors, comprising of one IR transmitter and a photo diode in each. It guides the robot to follow a specified path by giving appropriate signal to the switching transistors that drives the motors.

Further the project can be enhanced by using a microcontroller to add intelligence to the robot by writing appropriate program.

Hardware Requirements

  • C Motors
  • IR transmitters
  • Photo Diodes
  • Transistors
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • DC motor
  • Robot Body

Software Requirements