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Q.What is the validity of the course?
Ans: It will be valid till one month from date of registration.
Q. Will the course cover hardware description?
Ans: Yes. It will cover hardware too.
Q. How many times lectures can be watched?
Ans: You can access a video lecture n no. of times during validity of your course.
Q. Will I get the certificate after completion of my course?
Ans: Yes every candidate will be awarded with certificate of training within two weeks after completion.
Q. Can I use this website in my mobile phone?
Ans: Yes but pc mode will be preferable for better understanding.
Q. Can we learn from other user registration id?
Ans: No. because we will trace the IP address of your pc, laptop, mobile if it is found unmatched with the registered id, registration will cancelled automatically and user will debarred from all services including certification.
Q: Will we get software package.
Ans: Yes u will get software package before proceeding to tutorials with how to install notes.


• Platforms and Versions
• Installation and Location
• Starting MATLAB
• Typing in the Command Window
• Online Help
• Interrupting Calculations
• MATLAB Windows
• Ending a Session
• Input and Output
• Arithmetic
• Algebra
• Symbolic Expressions, Variable Precision, and Exact Arithmetic
• Managing Variables
• Errors in Input
• Online Help
• Variables and Assignments
• Solving Equations
• Vectors and Matrices
• Vectors
• Matrices
• Suppressing Output
• 24 Functions
• Contents
• Built-in Functions
• User-Defined Functions
• Graphics
• Graphing with ezplot
• Modifying Graphs
• Graphing with plot
• Plotting Multiple Curves
• The MATLAB Interface
• The Desktop
• Menu and Tool Bars
• The Workspace
• The Working Directory
• Using the Command Window
• M-Files
• Script M-Files
• Function M-Files
• Loops
• Presenting Your Results
• Diary Files
• Presenting Graphics
• Pretty Printing
• A General Procedure
• Fine-Tuning Your M-Files
• Beyond the Basics
• Suppressing Output
• Data Classes
• String Manipulation
• Symbolic and Floating Point Numbers
• Functions and Expressions
• Substitution
• More about M-Files
• Variables in Script M-Files
• Variables in Function M-Files
• Structure of Function M-Files
• More on Matrices
• Solving Linear Systems
• Calculating Eigen values and Eigenvectors
• Doing Calculus with MATLAB
• Differentiation
• Integration
• Limits
• Sums and Products
• Taylor Series
• Default Variables
• MATLAB Graphics
• Two-Dimensional Plots
• Parametric Plots
• Contour Plots and Implicit Plots
• Field Plots
• Three-Dimensional Plots
• Curves in Three-Dimensional Space
• Surfaces in Three-Dimensional Space
• Special Effects
• Combining Figures in One Window
• Animations
• Customizing and Manipulating Graphics
• Change of Viewpoint
• Change of Plot Style
• Full-Fledged Customization
• Quick Plot Editing in the Figure Window
• Sound
Basic Image processing Tool
• Image processing Toolbox
• Mouth detection
• Face Detection
• Audio Processing