Vehicle Accident Alert System Over Android Application

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The Rapid growth of technology and infrastructure has made our lives easier. The advent of technology has also increased the traffic hazards and the road accidents take place frequently which causes huge loss of life and property because of the poor emergency facilities. Our project will provide an optimum solution to this draw back. An accelerometer can be used in a car alarm application so that dangerous driving can be detected.  Here in this project, we are going to build a Arduino based vehicle accident alert system using accelerometer. Accelerometer detects the sudden change in the axes of vehicle and GSM module or wifi sends the alert message on your Mobile Phone with the location of the accident. Location of accident is sent in the form of Google Map link, derived from the latitude and longitude from GPS module.


This Vehicle Accident alert project can also be used as a Tracking System and much more, by just making few changes in hardware and software.

Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino
  • Accelerometer
  • Power supply
  • HC-05/ ESP-8266

Software Requirements

  • Arduino IDE
  • Web Application or Android Application
  • Database
  • Language: Embedded C