Vehicle Theft Detection with Remote Engine locking

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The main purpose of this project is to prevent vehicle theft. This functionality is achieved by detecting vehicle status in theft mode and by sending an SMS which is generated automatically. This SMS is then sent to the owner of the vehicle. The owner can then send back the SMS tin order to disable the ignition of the vehicle. Thus in this way crimes can be reduced to a great extent as vehicles today are being stolen in large number. Hence, vehicles today require high security which can be achieved with the help of this application. How the system works is when a person tries to steal the vehicle, the microcontroller is interrupted and the command is sent to the GSM modem or through Bluetooth module to send SMS. This is done in order to stop the engine. This GSM modem is interfaced to the microcontroller. This microcontroller on the receipt of the message uses a mechanism that helps to stop the engine. Motor is being used in this project in order to indicate vehicle ON/OFF state.

Further enhancement can be done to this project by using a GPS system that helps to find out the exact position of the vehicle with the help of its latitude and longitude which then can be sent to the owner of the vehicle via SMS. This data can be then entered by the owner on Google map to find out the exact location of the vehicle.

Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino
  • GSM module/HC-05
  • Power supply
  • DC Geared Motor
  • SPST
  • L293D IC

Software Requirements

  • Arduino IDE
  • Android Application
  • Language: Embedded C